year: 2005-2005
use: house
location: west tokyo
floor: 1basement floor + 1floor
structure: RC
site area: 146.24m2
building area: 58.41m2
total floor area: 114.75m2
building coverage ratio: 40%
floor area ratio: 80%
structural design: Yoshio Kimura
construction: KY Kensetu
photo: Hiroyuki Hirai
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

The site -- slanting and terraced triangle -- is located in the development site of west Tokyo. The lower part of slanting area is covered with concrete blocks; and the upper part is natural soil. The horizontal area, which is only 50% of the site, is the narrow part of triangle. We designed to make the possibility of this site condition activate -- the horizontal area will be wider by digging and opened to the air without dry-area (in the wider side). The basement, which is the main space of this house, can be more than 40% of the law's maximum footprint and can obtain horizontal spread. The main window is faced to the south so that which has a heat buffer zone made by the bow-window-like limited height and deep depth of the window. The house is mostly underground so that concrete is used, and thoroughly used for the best cost-performance.