year: 2006-2008
use: clinic
location: Nagoya-city, Aichi
floor: 2
structure: RC
site area: 97.07m2
building area:75.12m2
total floor area: 115.39m2
building coverage ratio: 77.38% (80%)
floor area ratio: 118.88% (200%)
structural design: Kenji Nawa
construction: Central Kouken, Naoto Kita
photo: T.Ueda, F.H., H.Kodama
staff in charge: H.Kodama, K.Fujimura
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

A large aqueduct is buried under the park next to the site. The opposite side of the site is the base of Japan Self-Defense Forces. The site is very narrow and very long triangular shape; the owner's house is on the bottom of the triangle. At the first time, the owner asked me, "Is it possible to build a clinic on the rest of the site?" It seemed to me that almost nothing could be built.

The owner said more in the process of design. He said that the parking spaces for four cars were needed; one was for him, three were for patients. Good. Although it seemed that no space was for building, I managed space as a Japanese architect. Then the first floor of the clinic is in the shape of the rest. Even so, I thought that the shape of the site should be used for the character of the new clinic such as "very triangle building on very triangle site." I designed the 2nd floor large cantilever in 1:1:1 proportion.

Reinforced concrete, which was the owner's request, parking, RC cantilever, bad ground condition and low budget, nobody but I understood what these actually mean. I said, "Worth fighting for," the owner said "such a difficult?" We tried to realize. As supposed, we overcame many difficulties, and constructer did the same. What we got seems not bad. The patients are double; old men and women around enjoy the new building (they are more open minded than we expected). The owner loves it.

The hydra is simply site shape in plan and is bilaterally symmetric in elevation; the 2nd floor concrete slabs are tilted for good compression efficiency; the ends of cantilever are chopped for lightweight solution. These means the hydra is rational and legitimate. So if the hydra looks like a monster living in water or a fighter airplane that may be associatively contextual.