year: 2002-
use: house
location: yokosuka-city, Kanagawa
floor: 1basement floor + 1floor
structure: RC
site area: 155.91m2
building area: 62.35m2
total floor area: 162.52m2
building coverage ratio: 40%
floor area ratio: 80%
structural design: Kimura Yoshio
photo: Tomomasa Ueda
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

An individual house from which you can see the sea in the distance -- the house will be built on the top of a hill in Shonan (part of yokohama). Nothing but green is in front of you. The V-shaped floating floor, which has Living, dining, kitchen, utility space and two small bedrooms, is surrounding a courtyard. The basement has guest room and music studio. Unfortunately, the development of the site is long delayed; we are waiting for more than 2 years.