year: 2002-2003
use: house
location: West Tokyo
floor: 1basement floor + 2floors
structure: B1F-RC, 1F-Steel
site area: 115.04 m2
building area: 39.62m2
total floor area: 156.63m2
building coverage ratio: 40%
floor area ratio: 80%
structural design: O.R.S. office
construction: Daido Kogyo
photo: Hiroyuki Hirai
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

Less than 1m from ground is out of the footprint restriction, the basement's volume is 0.98m height; because of the lowness of the site's level, the amount of dig soil is not much; wall construction for neighbors ground demolition is needed only for one higher side; it is no need to worry about underground water for sloped site. For these conditions, the half-sunk basement construction can be done with highly good cost-performance. With the permission of the both neighbors, low height basement was built close to the edge and obtained spread space, which was impossible in the restriction. Instead, upper part of the house has 2m distance from the both neighbors.

The basement, 60% of the house, has office space, dry-area, stairway hall, reception space, walk-in- closet, utility space and bathroom. The space behind stairway is parking (upper part) and storage (lower part). The office space, utility space and bathroom have top lights so that these spaces are light full and opened. There are parking and bedroom at the 1st floor -- with two liner terraces both sides, living dining kitchen like penthouse at the 2nd floor; floor and ceiling of the 2nd floor are sloped with which the space is zoning softly.