year: 2002-2003
use: house
location: West Tokyo
floor: 1basement floor + 2floors
structure: B1Fand1F-RC, 2F-Wood
site area: 728.59m2
building area: 218.77m2
total floor area: 295.76m2
building coverage ratio: 40%
floor area ratio: 80%
structural design: O.R.S. office
construction: KY Kensetu
photo: Hiroyuki Hirai
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

Although the owner has legal rights to build, this extravagance takes neighbors fine view away so that we made all the possible consideration to the neighbors. To moderate the height pressure and shadow problem on the north neighbors, we make the north- direction sloped roof as thin as possible and make the height of the house low (ceiling height is 2.3m - 2.95m). The level of the platform is decided by the height of car parking. The height of parking is as low as possible; the platform is horizontally extended to the end; at the highest part of the ground, the platform is lower than the ground level so that the ground is dig.

Because the house is long south sided, the windows should be restricted for heat problem on the one hand, should be opened for the view on the other. The living room has ribbon windows; the other rooms have outside corridor for buffer of heat. Finish of all area is cedar except ceiling; the ceiling is white painted PB, which moderate strong contrast of south sided rooms. We wanted to use inflammable woods for outer walls however; flexible board was applied for the cost. The board is floating; and the air circulates between the board and underboard, which penetrate damp.