year: 2001-2002
use: house
location: Chiba
floor: 3floors
structure: Steel
site area: 180.29m2
building area: 76.845m2
total floor area: 185.163m2
building coverage ratio: 60%
floor area ratio: 200%
structural design: Techtonic Consultants
construction: Iwahori Kensetu, K. Iwahori
photo: Hiroyuki Hirai
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

The parking with one car inclined is divided by a partial circle and occupies more than 1/2 of the 1st floor. At the first floor, there are two more small rooms; and they are divided by a circle, too. The space between two circles is entry hall, which is not small in feeling and guide you to the inside. The stairway, 1/3 of the 1st floor, is very gentle as three stories up by one plan footprint.

The second floor is one volume of LDK (Living, Dining, and Kitchen) with a sub room divided by a partial circle. The LDK is open to the stairway void and has a long ribbon bow window, which keep privacy and openness.

The third floor is divided into three along long direction. The south one is the staircase; the north one is bedroom and bath. The center is a terrace with glass walls on both sides; which give openness and privacy to the bedroom and the bath, and give large amount of ambient lights to the stairway void. By that, the stairway voids works as a large high side light giving plenty lights to the first floor level.

To give a bright face to the small approach space of north, we designed the facade with waved glass panels and silver-filmed glass fiberboard inside; seeing through the glass, the facade appears light blue-green metallic.