year: 2006-2007
use: house
location: Edogawaku, Tokyo
floor: 3floor
structure: S
site area: 58.1m2
building area: 45.60m2
total floor area: 109.41m2
building coverage ratio: 100%
floor area ratio: 500%
structural design: Yoshio Kimura
construction: Iwahori Kensetu, K. Iwahori
photo: Hiroyuki Hirai
staff in charge: Akiko Sekino
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

In a commercial area of the east Tokyo, the site faces the widen road by the city plan, a small park behind, 3m width extension of the park in the east side. For the points, the environmental condition is better than you might expect in Tokyo. The site is, however, very small; and the ground is loose; the budget is tight and linked to the schedule of fireproof subsidy.

As per usual, we take a kind of architecturally hyper-rational interpretation of "project specific." We tried to think things simply first. We planned simple square form for the simple square site.

After accepting and even emphasizing uniformity, we tried to project small negativity to the form, visible three exterior walls and stacked three floors. It is to make holes, which are square windows, sized from 300mm to 750mm. As an egalitarian to horizontal and vertical boundaries, we deal with three walls and three floors equally.

The halfrooms is a cube with holes; the holes are between inside and outside of the house, and between a floor and another, between a room and another. That is not for physical movements but for lights and eyes; seeing is considered an important function in this small house.