year: 2003-2004
use: house
location: Shibuya Tokyo
floor: 4floors
structure: Steel
site area: 80.66m2
building area: 47.99m2
total floor area: 126.05m2
building coverage ratio: 60%
floor area ratio: 160%
structural design: Yoshio Kimura
construction: Yoshino Kensetu
photo: Hiroyuki Hirai
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

Frontality and front yard: The site is of the typical urban houses, which has very narrow width and very long depth. Responding to the contradictory program at such a site -- the both of a carport and openness of the ground level is needed-- we designed the house with no sidewalls, no independent-pillars, in the parking area; instead, whole the elevation is slanted. Consequently emerging slanted-shape void in the facade, we designed a stairway for; the unusual shape of void is fully used and experienced. Moreover, we inserted small four floors into 10m height, which is usually for three stories, for vertical complexity of the void in the very limited width; for which you may feel richer space in the condition.