year: 1996
use: architectural model
location: DNP
floor: N/A
structure: N/A
site area: N/A
building area: N/A
total floor area: N/A
building coverage ratio: N/A
photo: Tomomasa Ueda
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects
Differential Power plant & Transparent House -- DNP (Japanese major printing company) project. This is an ugly and beautiful critical-project to some fashionable theories. In other words, this is an architectural model which has two aspects of the modern and of the contemporary which is inevitably derived from the modern.

Differential Power plant (spinning one on the left) is a machine generating 'power' from what is called 'difference.' Transparent House (glass box on the right) is a transparent house in which observers find themselves out. As a catalogue of difference, what is called 'time' from the ancient is in the former wings; many kinds of real and artificial stones are there in flat surface; any thickness is eliminated. The latter is double glass cubes. Visitors find themselves in the cube by reflection with mirror image information.

Both the devices are connected by the foundation of a black shining pedestal.