year: 2003-2005
use: house
location: Meguroku, Tokyo
floor: 3floors
structure: RC
site area: 60.18m2
building area: 47.96m2
total floor area: 117.39m2
building coverage ratio: 80%
floor area ratio: 500%
structural design: Yoshio Kimura
construction: Yoshino Kensetu
photo: Tomomasa Ueda
staff in charge: Naotaka Sakano
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

Another typical site of metropolitan housing -- very small, triangle shaped, and in this case, double sided between two streets. It is good to choose for building a house in the center of metropolis with limited budget.

For the good point of this kind is that the buildable area is 80% of the site, we decided to build to the very edge of the law-limited volume instead of digging the ground. Consequently, two kinds of non-squareness -- of the site's shape (plan phase) and of the streets regulated lines (section phase) -- are in our hands; and we emphasized them to get wider feeling of the space than the real dimension.

The volume, looks like core, however the middle part is missing and supported steel. The slabs of the void are moved to the direction which void is going to bigger; this makes the main volume interesting.