year: 2002-2003
use: clinic
location: Kawasaki, Kanagawa
floor: 2floors
structure: 1F-RC, 2F-Steel
site area: 331.25 m2
building area: 154.63m2
total floor area: 230.95m2
building coverage ratio: 80%
floor area ratio: 325%
structural design: O.R.S. office
construction: KY Kensetu
photo: Hiroyuki Hirai
October Ueda and Nakagawa Architects

The clinic, which is for patients, should be opened for outside; on the other hand, the private space should be closed because of the environment. We designed these opposite requirements as these are. Applying orthodox floor zoning -- the clinic is the 1st floor, the private space is the 2nd floor -- we made the 1st floor opened square and the second floor closed curve. By making the first floor RC wall structure and the 2nd floor steel, the difference of the quality of the spaces is emphasized (good for reduce the weight, too).

Recently public health office guides clinics to divide space into small rooms so that wall structure is reasonable. The glass is used for the space which should be opened; in the front wide span glass wall (for wall structure), sash is structural. For the small division of the first floor, the second floor should be relaxed one volume; as the steel structure of the second floor, upside-down M-shape column-brace sets, which endure all force, are placed inside of the internal space; for that, you can see all the space through. There is no wall even at the bathroom. The free shaped outer wall of the second floor is not structural therefore the second floor volume looks like "just put on" the concrete volume when you see the building.